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Weekly Parent Letter: 4-24-2020

Dear TPS Parents and Staff:

Monday, April 27 is a scheduled District Professional Learning Day for teachers and staff.  Teachers will be learning new technologies and techniques to use in their virtual classrooms as well as skills they can use when we are back at our school buildings. 

There will not be any Zoom classes or video lessons on Monday as a result of the professional development day that is shown on the district calendar.  Teachers are using this time to review remote learning tools, gain new skills and they are continuing to plan with each other in preparation for the final month of school. There are enrichment and/or optional lessons students can access at the elementary level posted in music, physical education, art, and some science and social studies.  Students can also get a head start on the week’s lessons as they will be posted.  Virtual classes will start again on Tuesday.

Thank you for the continued support of your child’s education.  

The Week Ahead -  April 27  Learning Focus: Visit our Continuous Learning Website to find your elementary student’s lessons or visit your secondary student’s Google Classrooms.  

PK    Math - Finding the answers to addition and subtraction stories using pictures

Language Arts -  Using Plant Patterns to ask and answer questions and explore text features

K Math - Decomposing (subtracting) with drawings and number bonds

Language Arts - Using Swirl by Swirl:  Spirals in Nature to explore main topics and details

1st Math - Use tape diagrams to compose and decompose when solving problems 

Language Arts - Asking and answering questions/making connections with Let’s Visit the Moon

2nd Math - Draw and label picture graphs to solve word problems 

Language Arts - Exploring poetry - ”Planting a Tree” and “Trees” 

3rd Math - Understanding perimeter and attributes with a variety of polygons (shapes)

Language Arts - Reading What is Government? to investigate author’s point of view

4th Math - Adding and subtracting fractions using a variety of visual models 

Language Arts - Describing events and details with Max Malone Makes a Million

5th Math - Solving real world problems involving area and fractions

Language Arts - Comparing and contrasting events and characters using Pedro’s Journal

Secondary Continuous Learning: There will not be classes on Monday as it is a District Professional Learning Day for teachers and staff. Secondary Lessons will be posted in Google Classrooms on Monday by the classroom teacher to allow for students to get a head start on lessons.  Teachers will communicate with students how their office hours will be adjusted to accommodate the students they would normally see on Monday.

Special Education Update: If you have any questions or concerns about your student(s)’ Individual Continuous Learning Plan, please reach out to their case manager.  We want to ensure the best possible supports during this shift to virtual learning.  

Expanded Meal Services: Thank you for your continued partnership and support of Topeka Public Schools!  As we celebrate Volunteer Appreciation Week, please take the time to say thank you to the many volunteers who are providing nutritious meals for our students each day.   We also want to remind you that lunch will be provided at our lunch sites as early as 11:00 a.m. each day (some schedules may vary on distribution, please refer to the online schedule).     

For more information, please visit our district's website at  Expanded Meal Services.  

Upcoming Senior Events:  There are many upcoming events for our TPS seniors.  Individual high schools will be sending a letter to their seniors.  Some of the common events are listed here:

  • Monday, May 4, seniors can pick up their caps and gowns. If you still need to order a cap and gown you will need to contact Josten’s directly and we will arrange another time for pickup or they will have it delivered to you.  Josten’s contact information is 785-843-2967

  • Tuesday, May 12, is the last day of classes for seniors.

  • Wednesday, May 13 through Friday, May 15, seniors will clean out lockers and turn in Chromebooks and other school items including, textbooks, uniforms, instruments, etc.  A schedule will be shared at a later date for times for each senior to come and to take care of these obligations.  

  • Friday, May 15, a Drive through “Graduation” (diploma and diploma cover pick up) will happen at each high school.  Each high school will share the drive through commencement on Facebook live through their Facebook pages for others to view.

  • Friday, May 15, after you have picked up your diploma, you are encouraged to drive through Hummer Sports Park with all of the stadium and field lights turned on in recognition of our seniors.  We encourage our community to turn on their porch lights as well in recognition of our seniors.

  • Saturday, May 16, the Virtual Graduation Ceremonies will take place.  A Zoom link will be sent to anyone wanting to attend.

  • Saturday, July 25, if permitted, there will be an in-person graduation ceremony for each high school.

Telehealth Services:  The University of Kansas Health System in partnership with Topeka Public Schools is offering Telehealth Services to students, families, and staff.  Please see the attached flyer for more information or call 913-574-1534 to schedule a telehealth visit.

Technology Support: Parents and students may reach out to the TPS Technology Support Team by emailing them at TechSupport@tps501.org or by calling the IT main office line, 785-438-4750. We have also established an appointment calendar for parents and students who need in-person support from our team.

Thank you for supporting your student’s continuous learning.

Billie Wallace

Assistant Superintendent, Teaching & Learning

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