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COVID-19 Parent Update April 9, 2020

Dear TPS Parents and Guardians:

Participation in our virtual learning opportunities continues to grow with 90% participation across the district. Thank you for your support. For the safety of staff and students, we have to allow our staff to take time to shelter in place this month as we reduce the spread of the virus. However, we are continuing to provide lunch meals to partner agencies who will distribute those to schools at this time and the district will resume services when it’s safe to do so. We encourage you to review the website for the lunch schedule. Thank you for understanding.

The Week Ahead - April 13 Learning Focus: In response to feedback, this next week’s elementary lessons are reorganized by day of the week for greater ease in finding what students need to focus on each day. Thank you for the feedback. Visit our Continuous Learning Website to find your elementary student’s lessons or visit your secondary student’s Google Classrooms.

PK Math - Addition stories and subtraction stories using the number 8 Language Arts - Using Jack’s Garden to ask and answer questions K Math - Composing and Decomposing Story Problems Up to 8 Language Arts - Comparing stories The Tiny Seed & Jack’s Garden 1st Math - Comparing Numbers Using Signs < = > Language Arts - Rereading King Kafu and the Moon to find important details 2nd Math - Creating Arrays and Equal Groups Language Arts - Comparing stories John Chapman: Hunter and Pioneer & Johnny Appleseed 3rd Math - Solving Word Problems Language Arts - Comparing texts and exploring poetry 4th Math - Locating Fractions on tape diagrams and moving to number lines Language Arts - Examining descriptive details in the chapter book Lunch Money 5th Math - Applying Formulas to Volume to Design a Structure Language Arts - Asking and answering questions using texts about historic explorers Secondary Continuous Learning: Secondary Lessons are posted in Google Classrooms each Monday by the classroom teacher.

Students can communicate with their teachers at any time through Google Classroom and access the recorded office hours posted in Google Classroom. Additionally, If a secondary student cannot attend the assigned 9:30AM office hours, they can email their teacher and/or principal to schedule another time during or after the school day. All requests will be accomodated in some manner as we recognize some students have new family obligations while at home during this time. Tutoring is also available as requested by contacting the principal as well.

Technology Support: Parents and students may reach out to the TPS Technology Support Team by emailing them at TechSupport@tps501.org or by calling the IT main office line, 785-438-4750. We have also established an appointment calendar for parents and students who need in-person support from our team.

Thank you for supporting your student’s continuous learning.

Billie Wallace Assistant Superintendent, Teaching & Learning

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