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Staff Update: COVID-19 - March, 16, 2020

Dear TPS Family,

Thank you for your ongoing patience and flexibility as we all adjust to the changing needs that we continue to prepare to meet. Today we met with clergy and our COVID-19 Crisis Response Team is actively up with a  phone bank running daily to address families.   For more information, you can view our web page on COVID-19. https://www.topekapublicschools.net/Page/2017

Please share information with families and our community as we work to support one another across the community.


Grades are not due during this time given we know there are resources within the schools you may need in order to input grades.  A message was sent this morning to principals from technology and we want to be sure all staff are also informed.   We do have a tremendous number of things being addressed today and again, we appreciate your patience.


This weekend we did apply to activate our summer meal program and we will be offering a grab and go breakfast and lunch starting tomorrow at 11AM. Please read our COVID-19 website for more information. In order to keep the number of volunteers limited, we are using essential cafeteria staff, volunteer clergy and school administration to assist with distributing food.  If you contact your principal, they can inform you if there are needs you can assist with.   At this time, staff members are not entering the building beyond the principal, custodians and food service.  Please note, given the current state of matters, the essential staff may adjust based on needs that we are presented with.  We appreciate your responsiveness and flexibility as we all work to comply with mandates.

Instructional Services

KSDE will be providing added guidance regarding IEPs.  At this time, we are still required to follow federal mandates and Dr. Harrington will be communicating with the essential staff needed to assist with compliance. If the mandates change, we are fully prepared to adjust.

Your cooperation is truly appreciated as we work to keep our students and staff informed and safe during this time.  A daily update will be provided before 6PM  every day this week from me in an effort to keep you informed. Attached are the meal serving sites around the county with grab and go meals in place.  PLease contact the help phone line if there are special needs as we are working to as responsive as possible.

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